Onsite Hard Drive Destruction

E-Waste Security is a NAID Certified hard drive shredding and data destruction company servicing Orange County, Los Angeles and Santa Clara, CA.  We specialize in onsite data destruction, allowing companies to conveniently witness and verify the destruction of their digital media and confidential information.  Our services help companies comply with data privacy laws as well as protect them from ID theft, data breaches and potential lawsuits.

We provided services to small and medium sized businesses as well as large institutions and governmental agencies.  Some of our clients include: Apple, County of Los Angeles, AEG Live, Jet Propulsion Laboratory, NASA, Toshiba, Xerox and the Department of Human Health Services.

For more information or a free quote call our Orange County, Los Angeles or the Silicon Valley service areas.  E-Waste Security is based in Irvine, CA.

Onsite Hard Drive Shredding Process

Our Step-By-Step Process of Destroying Digital Media
1. Mobile unit comes to your office for destruction verification
2. Hard drive serial numbers are scanned for reporting
3. Hard drives are shredded – not drilled, bent or hole punched
4. Materials are removed for recycling
5. Certificate of Destruction is issued

Why Consider Hard Drive Shredding for Data Destruction

If your company does not plan on reusing a computer hard drive within your organization, shredding or physical destruction is the safest and most secure option for compliance with legal requirements.  Other methods to physically destroy computer drives are hammering, drilling, bending and hole punching.  None of these methods are as secure, professional or legally respected as shredding.

Obviously, physical destruction is not an option if you plan on reusing the drives or it’s an end of lease scenario.  In this case, erasing or wiping is your only option.

On-Site versus Off-Site Data Destruction

If you can’t prove it, it didn’t happen.

Having multiple employees verify that they witnessed the destruction of digital media, in conjunction with a third-party Certificate of Destruction, is that proof.  On-site data destruction is convenient way to allow multiple employees witness and verify that digital media has been destroyed.

Certified Data Destruction or Electronic Recycler?

Hiring a company specializing in data destruction certified by an internationally respected data destruction organization helps your company reduce its financial exposure.  Why?

First, a third-party vendor to has the ability to independantly verify that data has been destroyed by means of a Certificate of Destruction.  Second, a Certificate of Destruction issued by a certified vendor is more credible. Third, using a vendor certified in data destruction documented proof that proper due diligence was performed in choosing a vendor.

Most electronic recycling companies do not have the equipment, certifications or expertise to securely destroy digital media such as hard drives and backup tapes. If your goal is compliance and reducing liability associated data privacy laws, a data destruction specialist is your best option.

Types of Digital Media we Shred

Computer, Server and Storage Hard Drives (SATA, SCSI, IDE)

Backup Tapes (LTO, DLT, Exabyte)

Optical Media (CDs/DVDs)

Flash Media (USB storage/cell phones)

Please call us for a free quote for onsite hard drive destruction and IT recycling services.  Irvine and Orange County 949-514-8090 or Los Angeles 323-677-2502.

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