IT Asset Disposition Services

Our Information Technology Asset Disposition (ITAD) services for data centers and colocations helps businesses dispose of end-of-life IT assets such as servers, storage, networking equipment, desktops and laptops.  Our services include outright purchase of equipment, recycling of e-waste and outdated equipment and shred hard drives according to NIST 800-88.

We have managed IT asset disposition projects at Equinix, CenturyLink, Digital Realty and CoreSite as well as in-house data centers.  Our offices are strategically located in next to data centers in Los Angeles, El Segundo, Irvine and Santa Clara, CA.

IT Asset Disposition

Asset Liquidation – eWaste Recycling – Data Destruction

If your company is disposing of equipment in your data center or colocation, our secure IT Asset Disposition service can help.  Our ITAD service helps reduce the cost of logistics and handling as well as employees’ time.  We have provided services to companies large and small including: the County of Los Angeles, AEG Live, Jet Propulsion Laboratory, NASA, Toshiba, Xerox and the Department of Human Health Services.

E-Waste Security did an outstanding job. We were retiring old equipment from our Data Center Location. They were prompt and efficient. We were done in less than 90 minutes and they took away our old equipment. Will use them again for sure.

Robert Stojkovic

Onsite Hard Drive Shredding

Complying with data privacy laws and reducing liability associated with your data center ITAD project is a function of maintaining custody of information and proof of data destruction.  Our onsite hard drive destruction allows for an unbroken chain-of-custody,  witnessed and verifiable proof of secure data destruction.

Our onsite hard drive destruction process helps you maintain complete control of your information up until the point of data destruction and final disposal.  We will meet you at your data center or colocation, 2) record serial numbers of each drive, 3) shred drives and 4) email a Certificate of Destruction for your records.


When retiring IT assets for final disposal we provide decommissioning, removal and environmentally responsible recycling.  Our recycling service helps you reduce your employees’ hands on time and costs associated with the logistics of disposing of IT assets.

Purchase and Resell

If your equipment has resale value, we will give you a competitive bid to purchase the entire lot outright.

In most cases, the residual value of your equipment will completely offset any costs associated with data destruction, decommissioning and equipment removal.  This makes it easy on your and your team to issue a purchase order for our services.

ITAD service at Digital Realty data center