IT Recycling

E-Waste Security provides computer and IT recycling services specifically designed for data centers and corporate clients.  Due to the scope of our hard drive and data destruction services, we have developed significant experience in server, storage and SAN recycling.

Equipment removal and computer recycling services are provided free to our hard drive destruction clients as well as organizations that have at least 10 pieces of enterprise equipment such as servers, networking equipment and storage equipment.  For all others, we charge a nominal fee of $100 per trip which includes pick up and recycling services.

E-Waste Security provides server, computer and SAN recycling services in Los Angeles, Orange County and San Jose, California.

E-Waste Security Recycling Benefits

We provide organizations with comprehensive full-service recycling services to help organizations complete the disposal process without having to contact multiple vendors.  Our processes provide valuable benefits to our customers, including: Removing hard drives from server for data destruction

Data Destruction

Our onsite hard drive destruction service allows an organization to view the shredding of its confidential information – limiting the potential of ID theft and data breaches.  E-Waste Security is AAA NAID Certified for onsite hard drive and other digital media destruction.  This certification is one key in complying with data destruction legislation such as the FACTA Disposal Rule overseen by the Federal Trade Commission.

Reduced Handling Requirements

E-Waste Security removes IT equipment such as SAN storage and servers from your office or data center so you don’t have to.  This process saves time and effort on your part, making computer recycling a more efficient and easy process for you.

Computer Recycling Reporting

Depending on your needs, E-Waste Security provides destruction and recycling documentation for a secure chain-of-custody.  If your organization requires more detailed reporting, we can provide asset tagging and tracking throughout the entire recycling process.

Computer Recycling

At E-Waste Security, all IT equipment is either reused or recycled so absolutely nothing is disposed of in landfills or developing countries such as China, India or Africa.  Our recycling processed is performed domestically to ensure the highest level of security and environmental for your organization.

By properly reusing and recycling old computers and IT equipment, E-Waste Security can help your company dramatically reduce its environmental and carbon footprint.  Our recycling process is simple and convenient.

1.   Call us to schedule a pickup date and time
2.   Provide us with a list of equipment to be recycled
3.   Have your electronic equipment organized in a single location
4.   Let us do the rest

Partial List of IT Equipment we accept for Recycling

  • SAN & NAS Storage

  • Servers, PCs and Laptops

  • Networking Equipment, Routers, Switches

  • Phone Systems

  • Printers, Monitors, Power Equipment

Computer Recycling Collection

If you have a single pallet or a full truckload of IT equipment, E-Waste Security can arrange a convenient pickup.  Our professional associates will wrap your pallets, place them in a secure truck for transportation and give you a Bill of Lading, if requested.  From there, we will transport your IT equipment to a secure recycling facility for processing.

We provide SAN recycling and server recycling services in Los Angeles, Orange County, Irvine and San Jose, California.

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