Onsite Hard Drive Shredding Service

Onsite hard drive shredding  is the most secure and defensible way to destroy digital media and effectively avoid a costly data breach.  On-site destruction is the preferred method because it eliminates the possibility of hard drives becoming lost or stolen while in transport to a destruction facility.

E-Waste Security is certified by the National Association of Information Destruction (NAID) for onsite destruction of hard drives and other digital media.  Our mobile data destruction process gives you the opportunity to witness your data being destroyed with every hard drives we shred.

We provide data destruction services in Los Angeles, Orange County and Santa Clara County. Our mobile hard drive shredding units have the capacity to shred 500+ hard drives per hour so you can watch the process and quickly get back to your normal business.

Onsite Hard Drive Shredding: The Process

E-Waste Security provides mobile hard drive shredding at your place of business, providing you with a secure chain of custody and audit-ready documentation for records.  Our mobile hard drives shredding process is simple, fast and secure.Scan hard drive serial numbers for Certificate of destruction

1. Hard drives are collected and transported to our secure mobile shredding unit

2. All drives are counted and scanned to record serial numbers for reporting

3. Hard drives are shredded at a rate of 10 per minute

4. Certificate of Destruction is generated and emailed for the client’s records

5. Destroyed hard drive materials removed for recycling

Upon completion, we provide you with a Certificate of Destruction.  This certificate gives you third-party proof that hard drive and other digital media has been destroyed in compliance with data destruction laws.

Certificate of Destruction

The greatest risk associated with decommissioning computers and corporate IT equipment is a data breach.  Because of this risk, and the potential for liability, organizations need proof that data has been properly destroyed. A Certificate of Destruction has become the industry standard of proof.

E-Waste Security Certificate of DestructionWe provide an enhanced Certificate of Destruction to protect your organization more than most other vendors.  Our certificate would come from a data destruction vendor that is 1) NAID Certified for hard drive destruction, 2) provides shredding at your location for you with witness and 3) carries Professional Liability Insurance with Breach Notification coverage.

We provide onsite hard drive destruction services in Los Angeles, Santa Monica and Orange County from our Irvine facility (949) 514-8090.  For destruction services in San Jose, Mountain View and Sunnyvale you can reach our mobile destruction unit at 650-450-9956.

Top Three Reasons to Partner with E-Waste Security
1. NAID Certification – fulfills your requirement to perform third-party due diligence
2. Onsite Hard Drive Shredding – assures compliant data destruction
3. Certificate of Destruction / Serial Number Report – provides proper documentation

Hard Drive Shredding – Data Privacy Law Compliance

When it comes to information destruction, E-Waste Security specializes in onsite hardNAID Hard drive destruction logo for los angeles drive and backup tape shredding.  Our mobile shredding units are capable of destroying 500+ hard drives per hour – if your policies and procedures require you to witness information destruction, you’ll appreciate this throughput.   Hard drive destruction assurances:

NAID Certified Information Destruction – Hiring a vendor certified by NAID fulfills your obligation under data privacy laws to perform proper due diligence.

Onsite Digital Data Destruction – Our onsite hard drive destruction process enables you to witness the destruction of hard drives and backup tapes, fulfilling your obligation under data privacy laws to “oversee the handling of customer information”.

Types of digital media we destroy

E-Waste Security’s mobile shredding equipment also shreds the following digital data devices:

  • Hard drives (SAS, SATA, SCSI, FC)
  • Backup Tapes (LTO-1, LTO-5, DLT, mini cartridges, Exabyte)
  • Mobile phones, smart phones
  • Optical Media (DVDs, CDs, Blue Ray)
  • Floppy Disk
  • Zip Disk

One lost, stolen or mismanaged hard drive can ruin your business.  If your Los Angeles, Orange County or Irvine, CA business needs certified and insured hard drive shredding service, call us at 949-514-8090 for a next day appointment.  If you need hard drive shredding service in San Jose, Sunnyvale or Mountain View please call our San Jose, CA operations at 650-450-9956.

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