Onsite Hard Drive Destruction in Los Angeles

E-Waste Security provides onsite hard disk drive destruction services to Los Angeles organizations of all sizes from small businesses to Fortune 500 companies. We have completed complex data destruction projects in data centers, colocations and high-rise buildings as well as projects in single story office and industrial facilities. We have provided data destruction services to data sensitive organizations such as JPL, NASA and the Office of Inspector General – Health and Human Services.

E-Waste Security is NAID AAA Certified for onsite digital media and hard disk drive destruction. We service the greater Los Angeles area including: downtown, Santa Monica, Glendale, Burbank, El Segundo, Carson, Torrance and Culver City. Because of the diverse businesses climate in Los Angeles we have worked with clients in many industries including: entertainment, healthcare, education, banking, and professional services industries. We understand each industry has its special needs for secure and compliant data destruction.

Shredded Hard Drives


If your company is a healthcare organization regulated by HIPAA, a banking institution regulated by GLBA or you just need to protect your intellectual property, our secure onsite hard drive shredding service can help. We’ll come to your office to provide a convenient way to witness the destruction of your digital media and information. Reduce the risk of litigation by shredding digital data before it leaves your custody. Our mobile hard drive destruction unit services Los Angeles County including: Santa Monica, Century City, Burbank, El Segundo, Torrance, Glendale, Long Beach and Commerce.

Our company has used Gary and E-Waste Security several times now and they are very flexible and accommodating in scheduling an appointment to do destruction onsite. We have had hard drives and tapes destroyed in the hundreds very efficiently. Would highly recommend.

nathan singhaseni

Hard Drive Destruction Capabilities

Our self-contained mobile shredding vehicles are small enough to maneuver into tight locations such as downtown LA data centers, offices and warehouse facility, enabling us to service even the smallest client. Although small and maneuverable, our mobile hard drive shredding unit is capable of shredding 500 hard drives per hour.

E-Waste Security’s mobile hard destruction service is ideal for companies that require absolute data security such as clients that fall under the umbrella of HIPAA, GLB or FACTA. Most of these companies demand our onsite service because their data destruction policies do not allow removal of information from their facilities and chain of custody. Allowing unauthorized access to data could be considered a data breach once a hard drives leaves your facility.

What is ONSITE Hard Drive Destruction?

Onsite hard drive destruction means we bring our shredding equipment to you. Our onsite service gives you the ability to witness and verify the destruction of your data, helping you comply with data privacy laws such as HIPAA for healthcare organizations or FACTA for companies handling customer and employee information. Our mobile hard drive shredding units are equipped with industrial shredding technology capable of shredding over 500 hard drives per hour.

Onsite Hard Drive Destruction Process

How and when an organization destroys sensitive information is essential to complying with data privacy laws such as HIPAA, PCI-DSS and FACTA.  E-Waste Security has been certified NAID for onsite hard drive and digital media destruction.  Our secure dat destruction process

  • Mobile shredding truck comes to your office location
  • Hard drives serial numbers are scanned and recorded
  • Hard drives are shredded conforming to NIST 80-88
  • A Certificate of Destruction with serial number report is issued