Onsite or Offsite Data Destruction

Onsite hard drive destruction eliminates the potential of your confidential information getting into the wrong hands.  By destroying digital media at your location, you are in control of your information and are in a good position for compliance. Offsite hard drive destruction doesn’t give you the opportunity to control your information or verify that it has been destroyed. Once the digital media leaves your office, your company is susceptible to forces outside of your control.

No company wants to experience a data breach or explain why ID theft occurred during its watch. A data breach could cost your business its customers, revenue, fines and your company’s reputation.  We are a NAID Certified company specializing onsite hard drive shredding to help companies comply with the various data destruction laws.

Shredded Hard Drives


Off-Site data destruction occurs when information is removed from the organization’s custody for destruction by a third-party vendor. Organizations that opt for off-site data destruction leave confidential information vulnerable to forces outside its control. Computer hard drives are consistently lost, stolen, misplaced and even sold once leaving the organizations custody. Ebay currently list 143,000 used hard drives for sale, mostly sold by electronic recycling companies promising to destroy hard drives off-site. Document security experts agree – businesses that opt for off-site hard drive destruction are taking unnecessary risks. Off-site data destruction essentially gives the vendor access to the company’s confidential information.

There are many stories in which somebody has bought a used computer and found confidential information on it, but nobody has ever quantified the scale of the problem,

Simson Garfinkel, MIT

Electronic Recyclers and your Data 

Discarded computers, even those with “erased” disk drives, may harbor confidential information such as credit card numbers and medical records, two MIT graduate students found.

Scavenging through the data inadvertently left on 158 used disk drives, the students at MIT’s Laboratory for Computer Science found more than 5,000 credit card numbers, detailed personal and corporate financial records, numerous medical records, gigabytes of personal email and pornography.

The disk drives were purchased for less than $1,000 from eBay and other sources of used computer hardware. Only 12 were properly sanitized.

Onsite HDD Destruction Process
  • Our mobile shredding unit comes to your office location
  • Hard drives are scanned for serial number reporting
  • Hard drives are shredded at the rate of 500 drives per hour
  • A Certificate of Destruction is generated and presented for the client’s records
  • Destroyed hard drive materials are removed for recycling